Accommodation price list with online calculator valid from 1.6.2020

Reservations and accommodation information are provided by e-mail.

We are a tourist category/hostel type of accommodation; we do not sell rooms but places in a room / beds. Rooms in the cottage are multi-bed and you can be accommodated in the room with other tourists.


Accommodation – a bed in the room 1 night / 1 person:

20, – Eur + 2, – Eur bed sheets + 1,50 Eur local tax + 7, – Eur breakfast = 30,50 Eur in total
/ every other night 28,50 Eur /

Discount for the JAMES, KST, ČHS, KČT card

1 night / 10, – Eur + 2, – Eur bed sheets + 1,50 Eur local tax + 7, – Eur breakfast = 20,50 Eur in total

/ every other night 18,50 Eur /

Accommodation in an own sleeping bag-emergency sleeping

1 night / 10, – Eur + 1,50 Eur local tax + 7, – Eur breakfast = 18,50 Eur in total

Accommodation for KIDS

In the room
Children under 3 years – FREE accommodation excluding bed
Children 3 – 12 years old pay half the price of the accommodation 1 night/ 10, – Eur + 2, – Eur bed sheets + 7, – Eur / 4, – Eur breakfast

In the sleeping bag
Children up to 3 years free of charge
Children 3-12 years pay 10, – Eur per person / night + 7, – Eur / 4, – Eur breakfast


Rich breakfast buffet is served from 6:30 until 8:00. Breakfast is automatically included in the accommodation price, children 3 – 12 years old can choose the size of their breakfast portion – 7, – Eur normal portion, 4, – Eur half portion


The dinner is served at 7:00PM.
10, – Eur whole portion
6, – Eur half portion
Soup, main course, drink 0.5 liter, dessert.
Half servings – half portion and a small 0.3 drink, it can also be a small beer. / can also be ordered for an adult/

Package – – 5, -Eur / order in advance /

With our active calculator system you can calculate the exact total amount per stay..

The price does not include local tax 1,50-€ / night (per adult) People under 18 years, disabled people and their guide with a valid card are exempt from the local tax fee.

We provide a discount with a valid JAMES, KST, ČHS, KČT + EuroBEDS, ATE, Professional HZS + ČHZS member card only.

UIAGM mountain guides have free accommodation, they pay 50% of the half-board price.

The discount on Alpenverein does not apply with us! We do NOT provide discounts with an Alpenverein membership cards!!!

Accommodation with a dog

Accommodation with a dog within the interior of the cottage is not possible. It is also not possible to enter the cottage with a dog. You can sit with your dog in the hall only. If the dog is used to outdoor conditions, it is possible to use outdoor pens near the cottage. These are three roofed pens, with insulated sheds, which we have built for this purpose. It is possible to use them free of charge. Please report this when booking accommodation by email.