Cottage at the Green Ball

Cottage at the Green Ball It is open year round. It offers a wide selection of food and drinks. Tourist accommodation categories - alpine huts for 56 people in rooms with fully equipped rooms beds and bedclothes. Accommodation is necessary to book in advance . Accommodation for the whole stay is paid upon arrival at the cottage. Discounts to members or to James hikers and is also only the room and not the emergency overnight(place the sleeping bag). After filling the form available, that we will pass on arrival – fill and then automatically receive room keys. Leave the room you need to 10:00am on departure day.

Historically, the first facility in the valley intended for use by tourists has since 1876 Egidova cottage, standing on the Austrian Poľane, named after President veľkolomnickom UKS Egide Berzeviczymu, the initiator of construction. The cottage was in 1880 transferred to the northern bank of Green Mountain but already in 1882 permanently uninhabited cottage seriously damaged by storm. After its transfer to the south bank of the year 1877 standing cottage three years when it in 1890 two times destroyed by fires. The necessity restoration of tourist property in this area has grown in 1895 to the initiation of new construction and in 1897 cottage was standing again on the northern shore of lake re-built and used by visitors 4.7.1897. Was officially inaugurated 27.8.1897. Cottage was named by Archduke Friedrich Habsburg - Frederick's cottage. After the fall of the monarchy until 1950 He called Chatou at the Green Ball, when they renamed Brnčalová chat to roku1992, when its name changed again to the chalet at the Green Ball. Green Mountain Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Tatras.