Accommodation price list with online calculator valid from 01.01.2023

Bookings and accommodation information are made via email.

We are a tourist type of accommodation, we do not offer rooms but places per room/bed. In the mountain hut there are several shared rooms that are shared with other tourists.

Payment by card is not possible


Calculator for calculating accommodation

Breakfast is automatically included in the price. Prohibition of preparing takeaway food packages. 

Accommodation – bed

Prices are fixed and cannot be adjusted or changed


1 night/1 person: 

26€ + 2.50€ bed sheet + 3.50€ local tax + 8€ breakfast = €40.00€

/each additional night 37,50€/


Discount for KST, SHS JAMES, ČHS, KČT, ÖTK 

50% discount on the price of accommodation, not food or linen (one night €26)

13€ + 2,50€ bed sheet + 3,50€ local tax + 8€ breakfast = 27€

/each additional night 24,50€/

Overnight in your own sleeping bag – emergency overnight stay

15€ + + 3,50€ local tax + 8€ breakfast = 23€ 

/each additional night 23€/


Accommodation children

In the room

For children up to 3 years who do not need a bed, we offer accommodation for FREE
Children from 3-12 years 13€ + 2,50€ bed sheet + 5€ breakfast = 20,50€ /each additional night 18€/
Children from 12-18 years 13€ + 2,50€ bed sheet + 8€ breakfast = 23,50€ /each additional night 21€/


Children up to 3 years free
Children from 3-12 years platia 13€ + 5€ breakfast = 18€  
Children from 12-18 years platia 13€ + 8€ breakfast = 21€



Breakfast is in the summer (June-September) from 6:30 to 8:00 a.m., in the winter (October-May) from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.Breakfast price for children is 5€. Breakfast is served in buffet style. Prohibition of preparing takeaway food packages


Dinner is served in the summer (June-September) at 19:00, in the winter (October-May) at 18:00.
14€ celá porcia
9€ polovičná porcia
Polievka, hlavné jedlo, nápoj 0,5 litra, dezert.
Polovičné porcie – polovica z jedla a malý 0,3 nápoj, môže byť aj malé pivo. Polovičnú porciu si môže objednať aj dospelá osoba.

Lunch package – EUR 5 /order in advance/ – (bread, apple, biscuit, tea in a thermos or mineral water 0.75l)

With our online calculator you can calculate the exact price for your accommodation.

Exempt from local taxes are those under the age of 18, people with special needs and their companions with a valid ID.

A discount is granted to people with a valid membership card SHS JAMES, KST, ČHS, KČT +€oBEDS, ÖTK.


Alpenverein members do not get a discount!


Accommodation with a dog

Accommodation with a dog within the internal accommodation areas is not possible. It is also not possible to take a dog into the dining room. You can relax with your dog only in the entrance hall. If your dog is used to outdoor conditions, it is possible to use the outdoor enclosures near the mountain hut. These are three covered insulated dog kennels that we built for your friend. These are available to you free of charge. Please let us know by email when booking your accommodation.

Tel.: +421 901 767 420

Breakfast Summer: 6:30 - 8:00
Breakfast Winter: 7:00 - 8:30
Dinner Summer: 19:00 - 20:00
Dinner Winter: 18:00 - 19:00
Check-out: half an hour after breakfast