Ždiar and Tatranská Javorina

Ždiar 895 m.n.m. po Green Brand Monk valley to the wide gap 1825 m.n.m. and on the seat Kopské 1750m.n.m., where after blue sign Around Shining White Mountain Lake 1615m.n.m. - crossroads / shelter, a po red mark except for Chat at the Green Pleso 1551m.n.m., duration of output 5 hours 15 minutes

Tatranská Javorina 1000m.n.m. blue mark the crossroads clip Murano below the seat Kopské 1750m.n.m. and down to the big white ball 1615m.n.m. there after red mark the chalet at the Green Pleso, duration of output 4 clock.