Saddle under Svišťovka

One of the favorite access routes to chat at the Green Ball leads from Skalnate Pleso through saddle under Svišťovka 1826 m.n.m. The duration of the output after červenoznačenom sidewalk is about 2 clock 45 minutes.

United Svišťovka 2037 m.n.m. the grass and scree pile a bit of hiking trails through saddle under Svišťovka 2023 m.n.m. built back in 1930. Who was the first on the top of it is not known, but the first known, who in the massif left his fingerprints was pastor Simon Bilík (1613 – 1680) of Huncoviec, who was at the time of the Counter-Reformation deprived estates and banished from the village. This was five years 1672 -1677 He is hiding in the valley Green Mountain massif and the Great and Small Svišťovka hĺbil tunnel, reportedly looking for gold, secretly supplied her son. In the current path is preserved three tunnels, already poorly recognize. the deepest, which he excavated reportedly measured 11 meters.