History and topography

Autumn view of Green Mountain

Autumn view of Green Mountain

Valley White Water Kezmarskej is made up of a complex branching valleys around € 1400 m.n.m. the valley Green Mountain, which further branches to Great frozen valley, the crotch of the copper basin and mutton basin, Little frozen valley and red Dolinka, the valley of the White lakes and pass Meďodoly.

Valley White Water Kezmarskej was frequented since time immemorial. In ancient history it was mainly hunters, woodcutters and shepherds. But later ones were treasure hunters, gold and other ores, particularly copper and iron. And of course, bandits and smugglers using crossing north over Kopské seat.

Naming the site it is directly affected by its pastoral past and Haviarska. Name Valley Green Mountain officially in writing first published in 1797.

The first known official EU visitor was Beata Laska Koscielecka, who visited the valley of Pentecost 1565. At the entrance to the valley of the White Water is first a marked point above the valley United Svišťovka 2037 m.n.m. made available through the tourist trail saddle under Svišťovka 2023 m.n.m. built back in 1930. Who was the first on the top of it is not known, but the first known, who in the massif left his fingerprints was pastor Simon Bilík (1613 – 1680) of Huncoviec, who was at the time of the Counter-Reformation deprived estates and banished from the village. This was five years 1672 -1677 He is hiding in the valley Green Mountain massif and the Great and Small Svišťovka hĺbil tunnel, reportedly looking for gold, secretly supplied her son. In the current path is preserved three tunnels, already poorly recognize. the deepest, which he excavated reportedly measured 11 meters.

The massif Great Svišťovka took place the first documented tragedy, when during fighting between Kežmarok and spiske Bela picked on pasture 13.7.1701 Kezmarskej member military unit alone on Easter Svišťovka during output collapsed and died.

Kežmarský shield

Kežmarský shield

The dominant feature of the valley is Small Kežmarský shield 2514 m.n.m. Perhaps at first it was the 1615 Simplicissimus with students of the Lyceum Kezmarský. The first recorded ascent was made 21.8.1889 transition from Vyšnej Kežmarku slot Samuel Weber conducted the species for which the peak year 1890 call, as it was previously part of the unnamed Kežmarský peaks. Its present name carries until the end of World War II.

His 900 northern wall on the top of the High Tatras. First it transgressed 18.8.1912 then college Julius Andrew Hefty with Gyula Komarnicki. Today it leads 109 climbing routes.

Wall crosses pronounced cornice - German ladder, which got its name from the access road to the work of German miners - employees' families Fábryovcov, who used the site 18 century here and tried to mine copper, respectively, in the northern malachite Vidlovy to precipitate the rack trays to the copper in the copper-basin.

Lomnicky peak 2632 m.n.m. the holiday is hidden behind the peak of the Little Kežmarský peaks but the path of the Red valleys of the trip Lamb peak is clearly visible above the copper plating basin. Probably the first path on it, which was nice to see David Frohlich in June 1615.

proud shield 2623 m.n.m. The first known ascent Edmund Téry 8.8.1877 s M.Spitzkopfom.

spišský shield 2481 m.n.m.

Baranie sedlo 2393 m.n.m, a significant shift from Valley Green Mountain to Small Cold Valley - in the winter months, the official line skialpinistická .

Aries rohy 2526 m.n.m., The first written mention of the output Stolarczyk in September 1847.

Black shield and turn Jastrabia

Black shield and turn Jastrabia

Black shield 2429 m.n.m., originally called Papyrus shield, The first known ascent was made 24.7.1898 Antonia Englischová son of Charles and mountain guide J.Hunsdorferom.

Wheel shield 2418 m.n.m., probably the first ascent took place in July 1804 Stanislaw Staszic in the direction of descent Javorová valley to valley Green Mountain. His name is probably derived either from the circular shape of the mountain lakes in the valley Wheel - Bicycle, or relief from southwest wall, whose three pillars forming the wall resemble sharpened three wheels .

brati Pochylý - ascent to the tower Jastrabie

Pavel Pochylý and Ivan Chlumský – ascent to the tower Jastrabie

Jastrabia tower 2137m.n.m., It is the most significant landmark of the valley. Its original name was King's nose, or even Carbuncle tower, by conviction treasure hunters, that the unconquerable peak is the gem carbuncle on which binds several legends. The first known ascent 28.7.1891 Petrik Lajos place of mountain guides Stefan and Mathias Faithovcami. Were probably the first to shield since been young Earl Stephen Tököly of Kežmarku, whose death remains unexplained as well as J.A.. Papyrus, which at this location 1771 passed away. Maybe there year 1880 stál Maciej Sieczka, but he never noticed his achievement in writing.

Lamb shield 2229 m.n.m., first on they were probably already shepherds and chamois hunters from where the name probably comes, but the first written reference made out to R: Townson 9.8.1793. This shield is available for tourists, marked trails, built in 1912 chain secured the passage Kolový 2092 m.n.m.

Goat Peak Tower and Žeruchove

Goat Peak Tower and Žeruchove

goat shield 2107m.n.m., name probably like its neighbor received from hunters and herders living nearby valleys. The first known ascent made Samuel Weber 4.9.1895.

Žeruchové tower their name is derived from the abundance of Žerušničníka priehľadnutého plants purple occurring at the foot of.

Kopské seat 1780 m.n.m. through which a marked hiking trail, It has historically used as a route bandits and smugglers. Later it was used as well as the surrounding hillsides Belanských Tatra miners excavating tunnels in the massif, looking for copper, indicating the name of the two valleys, which divides - Front and Rear Meďodoly - in the past Koperšady.