Visiting and accommodation rules

Visiting and accommodation rules

the mountain huts owned

Club Slovak tourists (KST)


Slovak mountaineering association JAMES (SHS JAMES)


Visiting and accommodation rules on alpine huts owned KST and SHS JAMES (Cottage at the Green Ball, Tery cottage, Outlaw cottage Cottage and the Rysmi) It applies to all visitors to any of these lodges and simultaneously determines their rights and obligations. Compliance with the rules listed below leads to solidarity and welfare of visitors and also provides protection huts as. from fire. In addition to the cottages, the common principles and norms of interpersonal relations.

1) each visitor, which is keen to chat to stay, It has an obligation to report at check-in staff cottages and present an identity document.

2) Contracting 50% discount on accommodation on production of a valid membership card, members of the Club of Slovak tourists (KST), Slovak mountaineering association JAMES (SHS JAMES), Austrian Tourist Club (OTK) and the Czech Mountaineering Association (CHS).

3) Prefer to bed before other visitors huts are sick or injured, to come down to the valley because of their health status is not possible.

4) Eating food from donesených inventory is not allowed in the dining areas. Consume your own supplies and cook is allowed only in places reserved for this purpose.

5) The existing self-service facilities on chat used to prepare your own food and drink reserved only staying visitors. visitors, who use self-service areas, They are required to maintain order and cleanliness.

6) Visitors must themselves bear the valley all my trash.

7) Quiet night in cabins at the time of 22:00 h do 6:00 h. visitors, who get up early, as time expires silent hours, They must behave considerately and not disturb others.

8) Chatár is obliged to ensure peace of mind for chat. Cares about it, that other visitors are not disturbed revelry other visitors, music on the radio, TV a pod. Playing musical instruments is allowed only in agreement with the cottagers.

9) Smoking in all areas of the cottage is strictly prohibited.

10) In rooms is not allowed in vibramat, trekking boots and the ski boot. It is forbidden to enter the premises cottages in ascension iron -cat. The rooms but also in other areas chats with the exception of areas specially designated for this purpose, It is strictly forbidden to handle with open fire (candles, cookers and so on.)

11) Occupancy huts and lack of seating may not be seating in any way advance reserved, it is necessary to take account of other visitors.

12) The animals may not be in the premises of the beds and the kuchyni.Volne can not be moved even in the smoking areas.

13) For any damage cottages, its equipment or the equipment is fully responsible with all the consequences, who caused this damage,. For the behavior of the children are fully responsible their parents or persons, Children who accompany.

14) For monitoring and ensuring compliance with the visiting and available right on the mountain huts is responsible Chatár with staff. In the event of non-compliance with the visiting and House Rules can be a visitor from the cottage reported.

15) Chatár and staff are required to adhere to valid price list for accommodation, food and drink, which shall be displayed in a prominent place.

16) Claims and complaints cottages visitors should preferably handle on chat. Visitors can send a complaint in writing to the following address of the owners of the cottage – KST a SHS JAMES:

Club Slovak tourists (KST)

Záborského 33

831 03 Bratislava


Slovak mountain Association JAMES (SHS JAMES)
Junácka 6

832 80 Bratislava

17) Visitor has the right to lodge an emergency in case of bad weather conditions or health problems even in fully occupied chat.

The Law on FRS No.. 544/2002 as amended

18) Visitor has the right to receive information about current weather, weather forecast, the development of the weather and the current avalanche danger. Chatár is required to establish a widely accessible and visible location notice board, where publishes guidelines mountain rescue service and other data relating to the safety of people in mountain areas.

The Law on FRS No.. 544/2002 as amended

19) Staff at the cottage is obliged to provide first aid in case of threat to life or health, and to ensure medical attention.

The Law on FRS No.. 544/2002 as amended

20) Each accommodation for visitors to the cottage is recommended to enroll in the book tours, stating the intended use of their tours. This is due to facilitate a search and rescue operation in case, that would hike at the accident occurred or to stray.

The visiting and accommodation rules must be published at the cottage in a prominent position.

Approved in Bratislava on 6. December 2011.

Chairman KST – Peter Perhala Chairman of SHS JAMES – Igor Koller